Instructor Level Firearms Training

At The Trainer’s Group we are dedicated to professionalism in training, but we are all about enjoying the experience of learning.

If you want to learn, we want to train!

The Trainers Group is honored to be the PREFERRED TRAINERS for Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds

 Why the Trainer's Group

We are Trainers, and trainers of Trainers. As NRA Training Counselors, we certify Instructors. Our approach to Instructor Certification is unique and informed. We will enjoy learning together in a safe and challenging environment. As Trainers of students, we “aim” to take you from wherever you are at in the art (skill) of shooting to wherever you want to go. We have over 30 moldable course offerings that can be tailored to you, or your group. Some classes are best in group settings, others are best in a one on one environment. Our instructors are dynamic and talented. We promise you will not be bored in our classes. Our goal is to accomplish YOUR goal.

 Classes We Teach

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